Thursday, February 6, 2014

Russell Wilson needs to be the University of Wisconsin Class of 2014's Commencement Speaker


For anyone who doesn’t go to Madison, one of the big changes the University made this year was to have one big graduation ceremony at Camp Randall instead of a few individual ceremonies by major at the Kohl Center. One of the big questions people have been asking is who we will get as a commencement speaker, since moving it to a bigger venue is making everyone think we’re getting someone huge. And since I’ve paid the University tuition for the last five years, I might as well bring up the most obvious suggestion of all time: Russell Wilson

There is no reason for anyone except for Wilson to take the stage this spring. A perfect homecoming for a Super Bowl champion and an awesome opportunity for the graduating class. But, as far as I've heard, the University has not confirmed a speaker at this point. So, The Victory Lap is here to tell you why Russell Wilson should be invited to be the Class of 2014's commencement speaker.

He’s credible. He just won a championship at the highest level in the most popular sport in America. I can’t turn my TV on without seeing him in a new commercial, and I watch way too much TV. At this time, he is the most prominent person associated with the University.

He's relevant. There is no job in any situation that is in the same spotlight as a quarterback in the Super Bowl. Everyone knows who he is. Call me ignorant all you want, but I'd rather listen to an NFL superstar who won the Lombardi Trophy than some professor who won some award I've never heard of.

He’s worshipped. Everyone associated with Wisconsin loves Russell Wilson. I’m sure there were plenty of stuck up parents who weren’t thrilled that last year’s commencement speaker got famous by creating the phrase “tight butthole,” right? Don’t get me wrong, I love Workaholics, I’m just guessing that not everyone does. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about Wilson.

He’s a great speaker. Let’s just say I don’t think Florida State will be inviting Jameis Winston back to graduation when he’s in the NFL. Wilson would take a commencement speech seriously, and he’d have a positive message to deliver about overcoming odds and chasing dreams.

He would do it. Just like Wisconsin loves Wilson, Wilson loves Wisconsin. Ask him about his college days!
And probably the most important reason the University of Wisconsin absolutely needs Russell Wilson as its commencement speaker - By changing it to one big ceremony, UW is robbing thousands of mothers the opportunity to hear their child’s name called as they walk across the stage at their college graduation. Letting them get lost in these eyes may be the only way to win those mothers back.
See you in May, Russ. I'll be the guy sitting in back with a flask in my gown and a TVL on my cap.


  1. The Victory Lap = Skip Bayless...not at all credible, only there to make waves and this article is no different

  2. What is this guy up here ^ talking about? How is this making waves? He is just suggesting someone as a commencement speaker. That is not much of a wave. And like he said Wilson would definitely be better (and more appropriate) than Ders.

  3. Russell would be way more appropriate than Ders seeing as Russell Wilson is a graduate of this institution after 4 years of hard work here unlike Ders who only attended our prestigious institution for 1 semester. Or did I just mistake their UW tenures? I did. Russell Wilson was here for one semester. Hop off the D.

  4. Pretty common to have a commencement speaker who didn't graduate from that university

  5. I'm that guy up there and JD only blogs for the attention and fame, he doesn't even care about his readers

  6. "...he’d have a positive message to deliver about overcoming odds and chasing dreams."
    What odds? He doesn't exactly have a rags to riches backstory. If the only major odds that he's overcome is winning the superbowl then he hardly has a message for all of the graduating non-athletes at a commencement ceremony.

  7. You don't need to have a "rags to riches backstory" to overcome odds in your life. Pretty common knowledge that he was told he was too small to play at every level. Fell to the 3rd round in the draft and got drafted by a team where he was supposed to be the backup. Ended up winning the starting job over Matt Flynn, who everyone thought was gonna be The Guy in Seattle. Then won a Super Bowl in 2 years.

    But you're right, his story about persevering and following his lifelong dream after college when everyone told him he couldn't succeed probably wouldn't really apply at a graduation ceremony.

  8. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. The new grad ceremony is going to suck and I need something to make it worth going!